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Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology 2010;13(6):1051-1057.
A Study on the Damage Design of Military Aircraft Structure Material by Armor Piercing Bullet Hit
Jang-Wook Hur, Young-Jin Hyun
1Defense Aquisition Program Administration
2Korea Aerospace Industries
철갑탄 피격에 의한 군용 항공기 구조재료의 손상설계에 관한 연구
허장욱, 현영진
Database for the damage reference by armor piercing bullet test was established for both tube and plate specimens having a range of thickness. As the inclined angles of hit are increasing, it has been found that penetration damage diameter tends to increases accordingly in both specimen of the tube and plate, and such penetration damage diameter on the rear side becomes bigger than those on the front side. The tube specimen showed that the damage becomes bigger when central areas rather than the peripheral were hit. Through the plate test, it also has been found that the penetration ballistic limit for Al alloy is about 25.4mm and that of stainless steel about 12.7mm. From the fatigue analysis results using the database for damage reference, it has been identified whether the safety requirements of military aircraft could be met.
Key Words: Ballistic Damage Tolerance Design, Penetration Damage Diameter, Hit Incidence Angle, Minor's Rule, Total Damage, Reduction Factor, Safe Life


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