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Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology 2009;12(3):259-265.
A Study on Designing Link Type Percussion Lock
Joon-Ho Lee, Woon-Joo Yeo, Eui-Jung Choe
링크식 격발기구 설계에 관한 연구
이준호, 여운주, 최의중
In the traditional percussion locks of small arms, a firing pin is struck by a hammer rotating on a single center of rotation, which makes the percussion mechanism simple and reliable. In order to strike the firing pin by the hammer, however, the firing pin should be located within the radius of rotation of the hammer. As the distance between the striking point of the firing pin and the center of rotation of the hammer becomes longer, the radius of rotation of the hammer should also be increased, which results in the increase of the volume and weight of the small arms because the hammer needs the more space for its operation inside of the small arms. In this paper, a link type percussion lock was newly proposed in order to overcome the limitation of designing small arms when using traditional percussion locks, as mentioned above. The link type percussion lock was modeled by using multi-body dynamics software and designed to satisfy the requirements such as striking force level of the hammer exerting on the firing pin enough to detonate the percussion cap of ammunitions and the safety on the accidental drop. It was applied to the newly developed dual-barrel weapon system, in which the weight and overall length are important design factors, and verified by durability test and drop test on the ground.
Key Words: Small Arms, Percussion Lock, Link Type


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