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Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology 2006;9(3):5-11.
A Study on the Bore-Sighting Automation for Small Arms Using the Image Processing
Woon-Joo Yeo
영상처리기법을 이용한 소화기 조준감사 자동화에 관한 연구
This paper is launched to get an exact bore-sighting value in the process of assembling for a dual-barrel weapon. Image processing method with a CCD(Charged Coupled Device) camera is chosen for the error reduction of bore-sighting. The results of this method by using a CCD camera and the testing target method are described in this paper. After the performance of the dual-barrel weapon and that of the fire-control system in the dual barrel weapon system is confirmed, the bore-sighting which is a part of the process in the system assembly is accomplished. In this process, the position of the barrel is identified by using the testing target method that is an existing bore-sighting method. Then, the fixing line of the fire-control system is checked by a day-optical part. The precision of the bore-sighting is required within several mils, however the manual method using the naked eyes makes it worse. Therefore, a CCD camera is installed in the eyepieces. Next, we can get an image of the sighting and the center coordinate values of the laser-pointer from each barrel by image processing method. A required bore-sighting value is calculated from the eccentricity of the center coordinate. Finally, It can be applied to adopt this result in the assembling process of the dual-barrel weapon.
Key Words: Bore-Sighting, Image Processing, System Assembly, Dual-Barrel Weapon


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