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Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology 2005;8(2):67-76.
A study on the polymerization of energetic prepolymer(GDNPF)
Young-Gu Cheun, Jin-Seuk Kim
에너지를 함유한 선 폴리머인 Prepolymer(GDNPF) 제조 공정 연구
전용구, 김진석
We synthesized an energetic prepolymer(glycidyl dinitro propyl formal, GDNPF) for plastic-bonded explosive and measured its thermodynamic parameters. Glycidyl dinitro propyl formal(GDNPF) as an energetic monomer was epoxidized from allyl-2,2-dinitro propyl formal which is reacted with dinitro propyl alcohol and excess allyl alcohol, and then energetic polymer of GDNPF was polymerized by cationic ring opening polymerization. Thermodynamic parameters were obtained from the ceiling temperature($T_c$) values of 1 mole monomer at reaction temperature. We varied feed rate of monomer, concentration of initiator and monomer to control molecular weight and polydispersity of prepolymer (GDNPF). The activated monomer polymerization has been executed with precisely controlled feed of GDNPF monomer to reactor in the complex state catalyst generated by $BF_3{cdot}(C_3H_5)_2$ and 1,4-butanediol in $C_2H_4Cl_2$. Number average molecular weight(Mn), polydispersity(Pd), hydroxy number and glass transition temperature($T_g$) of prepolymer(GDNPF) were $2,500{sim}3,000,;1.2{sim}1,3,;0.6{sim}0.8eq/kg;and;-20{sim}-25^{circ}C$ respectively.
Key Words: High energy material, Energetic binder, Prepolymer(GDNPF), Reaction calorimeter, Epoxidation reaction, Ring opening polymerization


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