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Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology 2003;6(3):15-21.
A Calibration Technique and its Error Analysis for the Position of Seabed Sonar Target
해저고정 소나표적의 위치교정기법과 오차해석
이상국, 이용곤
This paper contains a precise calibration technique for the position of seabed acoustic target and theoretical error analysis of calibration results. The target is deployed on seabed as a standalone transponder. The purpose of target is performing accuracy test for active sonar as well as position calibration itself. For the position calibration, relative range between target and test vessel should be measured using target's transponder function. The relative range data combined with vessel position can be converted into a estimated position of target by the application of nonlinear LSE method. The error analysis of position calibration was divided into two stages. One is for relative range estimator and the other for target position estimator. Numerical simulations for position calibration showed good matching between results and developed CRLB.
Key Words: Position Calibration, CRLB(Cramer-Rao Lower Bound), LSE(Least Square Estimation)


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