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Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology 2002;5(4):9-18.
A Study of Perforated Muzzle Brakes Characteristics
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다공형 제퇴기 특성 연구
강국정, 이성배, 김인우, 홍석균
In this paper, we have studied the characteristics of a perforated muzzle brake. The main purpose of a muzzle brake is to reduce the momentum being applied to the recoil system. Muzzle brake redirect a portion of the exiting gases to the side exerting a forward force on the brake, thus reducing recoil. So it also reduces the recoil force which acts on the turret and vehicle. First of all, we analyzed the flow-field characteristics of muzzle brake using RAMPANT software. Then we investigated the influence of design parameters of perforated muzzle brake. Sixteen muzzle brakes were tested and evaluated for analyzing their influence on the muzzle brake efficiency. The muzzle brakes were designed to fit on a 40mm gun barrel. The strong dependent parameters of muzzle brake efficiency were the wall thickness(L/d ratio) and the area ratio AR. We designed the perforated muzzle brakes which have 10-20% efficiency. And we proposed a design method of perforated muzzle brake.
Key Words: Perforated Muzzle Brake, Recoil Force, Muzzle Brake Efficiency


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