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Analysis for the Driving Dynamic Characteristics of Large Scale Semi-Trailer Equipped with Swivel Axle and Hydropneumatic Suspension Unit
Taewan Ha, Jungsoo Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2022;25(2):196-209.   Published online April 5, 2022
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A Study of Performance Characteristics for Active Sonar in Korean Shallow Seawater Temperature Structures
Won-Ki Kim, Ho Seuk Bae, Su-Uk Son, Jooyeong Hahn, Joung-Soo Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2021;24(5):482-491.   Published online October 5, 2021
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A Study on the Ship Wake Model under the Ocean Environment
Ho Seuk Bae, Won-Ki Kim, Su-Uk Son, Woo-Shik Kim, Joung-Soo Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2021;24(1):22-30.   Published online February 5, 2021
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A Design of Du-CNN based on the Hybrid Machine Characters to Classify Target and Clutter in The IR Image
Juyoung Lee, Jaewan Lim, Haeun Baek, Chunho Kim, Jungsoo Park, Eunjin Koh
J. KIMS Technol. 2017;20(6):758-766.
Optimal Search Pattern of Ships based on Performance Surface
Minki Cheon, Sunhyo Kim, Jee Woong Choi, Cheolwoo Choi, Su-Uk Son, Joungsoo Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2017;20(3):328-336.
Incineration for Demilitarization of Waste Cyclotol
Si-Hwang Lee, Seung-Won Baek, Il Moon, Jung-Su Park, Hyoun-Soo Kim, Min Oh
J. KIMS Technol. 2016;19(4):545-550.
Optimal Deployment of Sensor Nodes based on Performance Surface of Acoustic Detection
Sunhyo Kim, Woojoong Kim, Jee Woong Choi, Young Joong Yoon, Joungsoo Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2015;18(5):538-547.
A Study on Dynamic Material Properties of Functional High Explosive Formulation Simulant Subjected to Dynamic Loading
Jungsu Park, Kee Sun Yeom, Chunghee Park, Sehwan Jeong, Keundeuck Lee, Hoon Huh
J. KIMS Technol. 2013;16(6):857-866.
Study on the Computational Simulation of Large Scale Gap Test
Jin-Sung Lee, Jung-Su Park, Young-Shin Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2011;14(5):932-940.
Analysis of Blast Wave of Explosives by the Scaling Law
Jung-Su Park, Sung-Ho Kim, Keun-Deuk Lee, Jai-Min Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2005;8(4):120-129.
A Study of Normalized Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
J. KIMS Technol. 2003;6(4):89-99.


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