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Research on the Layered Architecture for Electronic Warfare System Software based on Attribute-Driven Design 3.0
Jeongwoo Lee, Sujin Kim, Jinhyuk Heo, Hyojeong Jang, Jinwoo Han
J. KIMS Technol. 2024;27(2):247-255.   Published online April 5, 2024
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Repeated K-means Clustering Algorithm For Radar Sorting
Dong Hyun ParK, Dong-ho Seo, Jee-hyeon Baek, Won-jin Lee, Dong Eui Chang
J. KIMS Technol. 2023;26(5):384-391.   Published online December 5, 2023
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Development of Wideband Multi-Channel Receiver for Direction Finding of Communication Signals
Jaewon Chang, Junil Ahn, Jeungmin Joo, Dongweon Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2021;24(5):527-536.   Published online October 5, 2021
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A Research on the SILS System for Design and Analysis of Non-Communication Electronic Warfare Weapons based on the Engineering M&S Technique
Dongcho Shin, Wookheon Shin, Taehyun Kim, Chiho Lee, Unseob Jeong
J. KIMS Technol. 2021;24(3):272-280.   Published online June 5, 2021
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Electronic Attack Signal Transmission System using Multiple Antennas
Jaewon Chang, Jeong Ho Ryu, Joo Rae Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2021;24(1):41-49.   Published online February 5, 2021
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Estimation of Jamming Parameters based on Gaussian Kernel Function Networks
TaeHyun Hwang, Rhee Man Kil, Hyun Ku Lee, Jung Ho Kim, Jae Heon Ko, Jeil Jo, Junghoon Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2020;23(1):1-10.   Published online February 5, 2020
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Research for Radar Signal Classification Model Using Deep Learning Technique
Yongjun Kim, Kihun Yu, Jinwoo Han
J. KIMS Technol. 2019;22(2):170-178.
A Study on EMI Shield Optimization for Improvement of EMI between MIL-SATCOM and ES on a Surface Ship
Hoseong Chang, Younghoon Ham, Kwanjun Jo
J. KIMS Technol. 2017;20(1):63-71.
Analysis on the Distribution of RF Threats Using Unsupervised Learning Techniques
Chulpyo Kim, Sanguk Noh, So Ryoung Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2016;19(3):346-355.
A Research on Tac-ELINT SW Development Method Using M&S System
Dong-Cho Shin, Hyun-Gyu Kwak, Kwang-Il Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2011;14(6):1058-1066.
Algorithm for Threat Data Integration of Multiple Sensor and selection of CounterMeasures
Eun-Kyoung Go, Sang-Min Woo, Un-Seob Jeong
J. KIMS Technol. 2011;14(3):474-481.
A Research on Naval Electronic Warfare System Engagement HILS Technology
Dong-Cho Shin, Jeong-Hoon Lee, Si-Chan Ryu
J. KIMS Technol. 2010;13(5):785-792.


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