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Numerical Analysis for Supercavitation Characteristics around Underwater Vehicle according to Ventilated Gas Temperature
Hyunsung Hwang, Warngyu Park, Nguyen Van Tu, Donghyun Kim, Nguyen Duy Trong
J. KIMS Technol. 2022;25(5):487-500.   Published online October 5, 2022
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The Effect of Surface Roughness on the Trajectory of Howitzer Shell
Geonho Shin, Kangmin Cheon, Baekcheon Shin, Jeongil Go, Junhyeok Lee, Jangwook Hur
J. KIMS Technol. 2022;25(4):364-371.   Published online August 5, 2022
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Accuracy Improvement of Low Fidelity Solver by Augmentation of Fin Aerodynamic Database
Eunji Kang, Younghwa Kim, Kyungjin Yim, Jae Eun Lee, Kyoung-Tai Kang
J. KIMS Technol. 2022;25(1):45-54.   Published online February 5, 2022
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Comparison of Heat Transfer Theory, CFD and Experimental Results in the Design Process of High-Power Fiber Laser Cooling Plate
Taewoo Kim, Kangin Lee, Minwan Jeong, Yeji Jeong, KwangUoong Koh, Yongsoo Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2021;24(6):629-637.   Published online December 5, 2021
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Prediction of Yawing Moment for a Hand-Launched UAV Considering Interference Effect of Propeller Wake
Ji-Min Park, Dong-Hyun Kim, Hyung-Ju Park
J. KIMS Technol. 2021;24(4):426-434.   Published online August 5, 2021
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Prediction of Aerodynamic Stability Derivatives of Shell Configuration of Missile Using CFD Method
Eunji Kang
J. KIMS Technol. 2020;23(4):363-370.   Published online August 5, 2020
Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Performances for New Amphibious Assault Vehicles by Using CFD
Jaeyeong Jang, Keunhyong Kim, Jongjin Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2018;21(1):10-16.
Aerodynamic Effects of Gas-Air Mixture on the Aircraft's Armament System
Tae-Woo Kang, Myoung-Soo Kim, Young-Hak Kim, Seung-Han Kim
J. KIMS Technol. 2017;20(6):788-793.
Analysis of the Interaction Between Side Jet and Supersonic Free Stream Using K-factor
Min-Gyu Kim, Kwang-Seop Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2012;15(1):101-110.
Analysis and Reconstruction of the 2-D Cylinder Wake Flow Using POD
Hui-Nam Rhee, Gi-Hee Kim
J. KIMS Technol. 2010;13(1):164-169.
Numerical Study on the Aerodynamic Behavior of a Projectile with a Triangular Ballute
Young-Rok Yang, Sung-Ki Jung, Ji-Heok Park, Sung-Ho Ahn, Byoung-Soo Kim, Tae-Hwan Cho
J. KIMS Technol. 2009;12(6):808-814.
Unsteady Separation Simulation of Missile by Using Moving Grid
Kyoung-Tai Kang, Bok-Jik Lee, Chang-Soo Ahn
J. KIMS Technol. 2007;10(2):47-52.
Three-Dimensional Data Visualization Program Combined with Position Tracking System Using Stereo Cameras
Byoung-Soo Kim, Jin-Won Seo, Bong-Ju Lee
J. KIMS Technol. 2006;9(4):114-119.


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